Impeccable organization !! Great service with a smile – knowledgeable and helpful. Great prices for me to create my art from estate sale finds ! Cheryl is the best !

Susie Kunzelman

I called around for estate sale services in Pittsburgh. Cheryl was the most up front about costs, services and procedures. Our house was packed with stuff accumulated since 1957 and they got everything cleaned up and organized in about a week. They put in a lot of hours on this job and really take their work to heart. They’re also very nice people and just a pleasure to work with. Thank you guys!

Zac Holzapfel

Why am I giving a 5 star rating to a company that I am not going to do business with? Cheryl helped me to understand her industry and agree that my modest needs are not a good fit for an estate liquidator. Then she did not thank me for calling and hang up like a busy business owner might have. She took time to give me great advice on how to handle a sale myself. This generosity of spirit is rare and is exactly what customers should be looking for. Hire Cheryl.

Marjorie Ford Johnson

I shopped her sale today, fair prices and a friendly helpful team! I’ll look for other sales in the future managed by this company

Jamie Lynn

We couldn’t be happier. At the most recent sale, the “4th” person” in line arrived and asked the person in front of him what he was looking for. After he answered, he then asked (to all of us ahead of him) “so am I only only one here for the turntables?”. I spoke up and said, “No”. Surprised, he asked me, “which one are you here for?”. I told him, “The Gray’s”. He then asked me, “How much are you willing to pay for it?”. I did not answer his question.(who would?). My partner¬†and I were the first 2 there and we always show up early for one thing-vintage stereo equipment.
Walking around the outside of the house I noticed a pair of speakers in front of the window in a room to the right of the entrance. I told my partner that I was going to go that way to get them and he could go stright ahead to where the record player was (it could be seen clearly through the window).
Now, we have been beat out of gear before by heading to the room where it’s located and even though we were first in the house, someone behind us goes directly to the cashier and pays for it without even viewing it. This is unfair because we made it a point to get up early and be first in line. However, we’ve let it go before in the past.
Upon entering the sale when it opened, my partner went in first, I went second and told the girl that let us in, “I’m getting the speakers in this room to the right” (so nobody would cut me out while I was on my way in). I heard the 4th guy coming in behind me say, “I’m taking the gray’s turntable” to her. I proceeded on my way to get the speakers knowing my partner was already where the record player was.
This guy started saying he called it to the employee which is something you just cannot do when you’re 4th in line. THE END.
I’m sorry that that’s the way it came out but fair is fair. First come, first served.
Why should I get up at ungodly early times, endure the weather standing there only to get the rug pulled out from under me by a guy behind me in line????
Mike & Scott

Michael Cravener

I went to an estate sale on June 20, 2015 and it was the most organized estate sale I have attended. Everything was organized, neatly displayed, reasonably priced and clean. I would definitely attend other estate sales organized by Estate Liquidation Services. Also, Cheryl and her staff were friendly and extremely helpful.

Candace Radel

OUTSTANDING service! These guys are amazing! I was from out of town and needed help liquidating an estate. Estate Liquidation Services was fast, thorough, and very effective! They were able to provide, load, and remove a dumpster, start from scratch with a hoarded, cluttered home, provide effective advertising, make buyer contacts for specialty items, get fair value for sellable items, maximize sales, donate the leftovers, leave the home cleaner than when they started, and empty. They also communicated the process, progress, and results all along the way. Their fee paid for itself! Trust me, you will not be disappointed with Estate Liquidation Services.

Eddie Jones